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Sunday September 04 2011 03: 13

ISP: Albtelecom

ISP Albtelecom DSL ISP

ISP DettagliDetails ISP

  • ISP Name: Albtelecom
  • Country: Albania
  • Features ISP: Albtelecom is the main operator ADSL and telephone present in Albania enables connections ranging from Dial Up connection to ADSL and IPTV. Albtelecom was founded in 1992 as state and privatized telecommunications company in 2007. Albtelecom is now the largest provider of telecommunications services such as fixed telephony, ADSL and Mobile Abania whole.

ISP modes ADSLADSL Modes Supported

  • ADSL1
  • ADSL2 +
  • Fiber Optics

ISP ConnessioniOther Connections offers

  • Dial Up
  • ISDN
  • ADSL
  • IPTV
  • VDSL
  • Mobile

ISP PVC ADSLPVC, ADSL Configuration Parameters

VPI: 8
VCI: 35
ConnectionType: PPPoE
Encapsulation: LLC

ISP DNS emailDNS / Email


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